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Marbling is an ancient technique used to decorate papers that were mostly used in bookbinding. 

The fabrication of these brightly coloured papers requires imagination, a taste for colours, and great manual skills. 


To make marbled paper, paints are distributed on the surface of a blend of water and Irish Moss called “size” using brushes or eyedroppers. The paints contain a surfactant which allows them to spread and float on the water. Patterns can be created using combs or a stylus; the print is obtained by delicately placing a sheet of paper to capture the image created on the coloured surface. Then, the paper is removed from the size, washed and hung to dry.

There is no official training for this art, which is practiced by a small community of artisans around the world.

PAPIERS PRINA aims at reviving this ancient technique through the creation of unique objects with a low environmental impact. Although marbled paper can be printed in a series, each sheet is individually printed, and therefore two sheets of the same series will never be identical.

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The "peel and reveal" is always magical.




The objects produced by PAPIERS PRINA in our workshop in Brussels have a low environmental impact, being made for the most part (90%) of recycled materials.


PAPIERS PRINA creates bespoke projects for individual or corporate customers: do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas and wishes.

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