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PAPIERS PRINA aims at promoting craftsmanship as well as aesthetic and ethical values. Our purpose is to breathe new life into the ancient craft of marbling through the production of hand-decorated papers which are then used to create unique and durable objects. 


Inspired by traditional standards, PAPIERS PRINA's marbled papers have a definitive modern character and allure. They are made following traditional methods which were updated and adapted to the use of modern materials and paints of high quality.


These papers can be used in bookbinding, interior decoration and to create decorative objects.

At PAPIERS PRINA we pride ourselves on designing products that are beautiful, high quality and durable. So if you would like to treat a loved one, or a customer or just treat yourself then browse our range of exclusive, stand out products.


“The past is not dead, but is living in us, and will be alive in the future which we are now helping to make”.


William Morris, Preface to Medieval Lore from Bartholomew Anglicus, by Robert Steele, 1905, p.XII.


Daniela Prina is a Belgian-Italian engineer-architect as well as a design and architectural historian. She has a great passion for artistic craftsmanship, nurtured since her childhood by her family and later through her studies. 


The intersection between craftsmanship, art and design has indeed held great fascination for her during her academic career. It is one of the core topics of her academic work, published in several books and journals in Belgium and abroad.  


A long-time marbled paper lover herself, she decided to fully embrace this craft after attending a Suminagashi – the Japanese marbling technique – demonstration in Copenhagen. 


Self-taught, she creates in her workshop beautiful marbled papers that she also uses to make unique, durable handcrafted objects.

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